How to Make Money on eBay

Millions of people make money on eBay every minute of every day. This article gives some quick tips to help you become one of those people.

The key to being successful on eBay or any other such retail business is in buying low and selling high. Obviously this is easier said than done.

1. Find the right product

Find a product that is selling a lot and regularly. Research several different products in different niches. Make lists and take note of the current prices they are selling for. Once you have your products, you can expand to related products.

2. Find your supplier

This is the hardest part. Make sure to search online and offline. Check your own house, ask relatives and local garage sales or markets. Contact other sellers to see if you can buy wholesale. Many sellers source their products on eBay. You can search for wholesale or job lots.

3. Create an effective listing

This is the single biggest mistake unsuccessful sellers make on eBay. Unless your listing looks professional you will have difficulties selling. Include a good title, a long description of features, the type of warranty or guarantee offered, links to related or other products and a general FAQ. The more information you provide the better.

4. Dispatch the product

Make sure to dispatch the product promptly and to regularly update your customers. Respond to all questions as quick as you can. Good communication leaves your customers minds at rest. All this contributes to positive feedback, another vital key.

5. Open an eBay Store

Once you have successfully sold some products and completely understand eBay, consider opening a store. This will boost your sales and you can avail of cheaper rates for listing products. Customers will think of you as they would a regular store, so remember to always be professional.

To discover more about selling on eBay, check out my eBay course at Kontagious Marketing.

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